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"Tan Lines Optics, a new sunglasses start-up out of Amsterdam, aims to offer all the technical features of your super-pricey pro favourites at a fraction of the price. How? By cutting out the middle man. Canyon have done it with bikes, so why not with sunglasses? They're cool too, with multiple lens and frame options to suit your style and application." 
Desire by Rouleur

"The term Dutch Design is used specifically in the Design world, talking about minimalistic, experimental, innovative and unconventional design. In cycling, a bunch of designers are putting these ideas to practice. In this article we introduce you to two of them: Lemar and Cycling Sunglasses brand Tan Lines Optics." 
Bicycling Magazine


"Using the Monday model from Tan Lines Optics was more than enjoyable and they are now part of my favourite sunglasses. While I have mostly worn oversized sunglasses lately, the comfort and vision of the Monday TY Blue has surprised me. You can feel you are wearing a high quality premium pair of sunglasses, which are quite affordable. And to be honest, that last bit is as important as the rest. I'd say give a pair of Tan Lines Optics for every day of the week!"
8.5 out of 10 review by Het is Koers