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In gesprek met Susanne Haller van Fingerscrossed

Here we go! Our very first version of conversations with cycling enthusiasts trying to make a living, have love, have friends and spend some time on the bike. In these conversations we talk to fellow entrepreneurs on how they do it.

Our first guest - so to speak - is Susanne Haller.

You probably know her from cycling apparel brand FINGERSCROSSED. They make the coolest socks (among other things) for cycling and have done so for a couple of years now. We asked Susanne how she combines her love for cycling with all her other passions in life and work.

Tan Lines Optics: When and how did you start cycling? Why do you love it (ever since)?

Susanne Haller: I started cycling three years ago. My boyfriend gave me a road bike for Christmas & birthday. Endurance sport hadn't been mine before. I was in the gym a lot and did weight training.

TLO: What would be your ideal day in the saddle?

SH: Every trip has been ideal. I plan it so that it is ideal for me. It is already part of everyday life. To live as well as possible every day.

TLO: Was there ever a moment where you thought you would make a living out of cycling? Or did you always knew it would be a 'hobby‘?

SH: Hahahaha! Never. I am far too inconsistent. But it's definitely more than a hobby. It affects my life more than the hours I spend on the bike! It's a lifestyle.
I pay attention to nutrition. On my body. On my mind.

TLO: We know it is hard to combine cycling with work, life and family. What is your view on it? Do you have tips for fellow riders?

SH: I have to say, I got it good. Since I am independent with FINGERSCROSSED I can manage my day by myself. Whether it's a lunchride, early in the morning or after work.
You change your whole life.
You pay more attention to yourself.
You live healthier.
The weekends in the club are counted.
Not over but counted.
You just think twice - is that now good for me or not.
Does that fit with your plans / training or not.

TLO: Does cycling have any influence on your work? In what way? Positive or negative?

SH: Yes and no.
It's more like thinking nothing.
I have already planned so many times, today I have to think about this and that.
In the end I came home and didn't think of anything at all.
Which is much better.
And I would have already forgotten what I have thought until I am at home again :)

We are very thankful to Susanne for taking the time to talk to us. Make sure you keep following us for more conversations like this in the future.