By Cyclists for Cyclists

Our close community of passionate cyclists has helped us to finetune our first prototypes. Their feedback and motivation has helped to launch this first batch of products early 2019.

Frame Design

Our Monday Model is a classic yet contemporary take on cycling sunglasses, giving you the protection you need from the environment, while you keep your eyes on the road. Light as a feather and never obstructing view, Monday has everything you need and nothing you don't.

Our products are all made with the durable, strong and flexible TR90 material and mounted with interchangeable Polycarbonate lenses. The temples are finished with rubber sleeves to comfortably rest on your head, without irritation or movement. We have equipped our sunglasses with an adjustable nose piece and an anti-bacterial rubber finish. This means you can optimise the fit and positioning of the glasses, as well as have zero distractions while you ride.

Frame Design

Our frame dimensions make the MONDAY model suitable for both Men and Women. It covers the eyes and protects them from wind and debris, without looking like wearing ski goggles. 

Width: 144.8 mm
Height: 49.5 mm 
Length: 168.7 mm


Lens Specifications

We offer three types of lenses:
A Dark Green category 3 lens. This lens is available on all our frames. This is your go-to-lens if you cycle in many conditions: Cloudy or sunny, on the road or in the forests. So if you 'just' want a great performing lens with no colour distortion, this is your choice.
A Smoke Grey category 3 lens is the base for our different coloured Mirror lens coatings. These variaties are dependent on the frame you choose, but as you can see in the table below, they are quite similar in terms of light transmittance. Our mirrored lenses are very well performing in medium to high sunny days. They reduce glare and eye fatigue, enabling you to keep going, as long as are your legs are capable of.
A transparent lens is offered for low light conditions. Our lenses are interchangeable, meaning you can add an additional lens to your setup, without having to buy an extra pair of sunglasses. The Pink lens is well suited for road cycling in bad weather conditions, or in the early morning / late evening. It reduces eye strain and enhances visual depth. The Yellow lens is best suited for dark(er) conditions and fog. A true bad weather companion!


    DARK GREEN 13.17% 0% 3
    SKY BLUE MIRROR 14.34% 0% 3
    BLUE MIRROR 12.37% 0% 3
    SILVER MIRROR 12.12% 0% 3
    ORANGE MIRROR 14.15% 0% 3
    PINK TRANSPARENT 74.72% 0% 1
    YELLOW TRANSPARENT 81.21% 0% 1